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Baraa Shiban


Baraa Shiban is a Yemeni human rights activist and a member of the Yemeni National Dialogue process. He worked in Yemen as a drone investigator with the humam rights group Reprieve. Twitter handle: @BShtwtr

Arabs in the UK series: Continuing our dive into British-Arab history, The New Arab examines the arrival and settlement of the Yemeni community, from South Shields' ship workers to Birmingham factory labourers, and their struggle for acceptance.

17 December, 2021

Comment: For ordinary Yemeni citizens, information contained in the Panama Papers concerning the business elite and its links with Saleh demonstrates the corruption affecting their lives, says Baraa Shiban

11 April, 2016

Feature: Baraa Shiban talks to a journalism student attempting to escape from the city under siege by Houthis in central Yemen.

27 February, 2016

Comment: Yemenis in the city of Taiz, the birthplace of Yemen's 2011 uprising, are keen to finish what they started, writes Baraa Shiban.

17 February, 2016