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Aisha Yusuff

Aisha Yusuff

Aisha Yusuff is a book reviewer with a focus on African and Muslim literature.

Her work can be found on @thatothernigeriangirl as well as in digital magazines like Rewrite London.

Follow her on Twitter: @allthingsaeesha

Book Club: Edited by Refaat Alareer, 'Gaza Writes Back' is a 2014 collection of powerful short stories offering timely insights into the lives of Gazans.

28 February, 2024

Book Club: Ibrahim Nasrallah's portrayal of a community in Gaza, where men are martyred and women remain resilient, is a powerful depiction of life under siege.

03 January, 2024

Book Club: Oh, Salaam! by Najwa Barakat is a compelling novel about the aftereffects of civil war in Lebanon and how value, meaning, and self-worth in Lebanon are linked to oppressive ideas of colonialism and classism.

29 November, 2023

Book Club: The first generation to migrate are often referred to as the 'silent generation' for their resilience to succeed, whatever the cost. In Faïza Guène's latest novel, Discretion, she unpacks two generations of Algerian women living in France.

20 September, 2023

Book Club: A collection of short stories by one of the Arab world's most accomplished writers, Najwa bin Shawtan's Catalogue of a Private Life takes on the Libyan psyche, veering between the serious and the surreal to entrance readers into her world.

26 July, 2023

Book Club: Ayaan Mohamud's debut novel focuses on a young Somali woman in London who learns to stand up for herself. The book's authentic portrayal of the British Somali community helps the reader understand the challenges of Islamophobia in the UK.

21 June, 2023

Book Club: A stirring novel about three Cameroonian women who resist cultural pressure — including polygamy, forced marriages and domestic abuse — that have defined and blighted their lives.

26 April, 2023

Book Club: An innovative and engrossing investigation of Syrian immigrant life in the United States, Dima Alzayat's debut collection tackles issues of marginalisation, identity and belonging in a community largely shunned by the Global North.

05 April, 2023

Book Club: The return of Taliban rule has muzzled the dreams of a generation of women, who are now isolated and ostracized from social advancement. In a feat of translation, this anthology chronicles the different and vital voices of Afghan women.

28 September, 2022

Book Club: French literary sensation Faïza Guène's latest novel is a witty, satirical investigation of French Arab life. Inverting stereotypes to reveal entrenched forms of prejudice, Guène's Men Don't Cry is a great work on the immigrant experience.

14 September, 2022