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Jad Salfiti


Jad Salfiti is a British-Palestinian culture and politics journalist

German lawyers representing Gazan families have filed a criminal complaint against German officials for supplying Israel with weapons that aid and abet genocide

23 February, 2024

What is it like to speak up about Palestine, or criticise Israeli government policies, in a country where authorities are known to conflate anti-Zionism with antisemitism?

06 July, 2023

Sherin Khankan and a group of Islamic academics founded the women-led Mariam Mosque in Copenhagen in 2016, sparking a debate among mainstream Muslims who do not traditionally recognise female imamship

23 December, 2020

Middle Eastern queer cinema has yet to achieve a commercial blockbuster, but its ideas are being embraced, writes Jad Salfiti in this preview of the Soura film festival

30 September, 2020

Culture: A record number of Arab films competed in Venice this year.

03 September, 2019

If Israel is as tolerant as it purports to be, the question is for whom? Certainly, not LGBT+ Palestinians nor LGBT+ African asylum seekers it deported to Rwanda and Uganda.

17 May, 2019

The high-profile exhibition of contemporary art, The Venice Biennale, includes 79 international artists. We round up some of the Middle Eastern artists featured in Venice this year.

16 May, 2019