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Charlie Hoyle


Charlie is The New Arab’s Politics and Analysis Editor. He is a British journalist with more than 12 years of experience working in the media, research, and human rights. Following work with NGOs, rights groups, research organisations and think tanks in London and the Middle East, he spent five years as a reporter and senior editor covering the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


Before taking on his current role on the Analysis desk he was a journalist, news editor, and features editor at TNA. He is a modern languages graduate in French and Spanish and holds an MSc in Violence, Conflict and Development.


Areas of focus: Politics, international relations, conflict, democratisation, security, and human rights.


Follow him on Twitter: @CharlieCHoyle

Charlie Hoyle, Analysis & Politics Editor, explains how The New Arab offers readers unique insights that build on, complement and go beyond the news cycle.

01 June, 2021

The return to Lebanon of Amer Fakhoury has reopened old wounds, casting light once again on the brutal legacy of the South Lebanon Army during and after the civil war.

12 February, 2020

Sisi has long crafted an image as the protector of Coptic Christians, a community trapped between the state and society with protection from neither.

04 February, 2020

Suha Jbara was detained, tortured and imprisoned before starting a hunger strike to secure her freedom. Now she is fighting for justice against the Palestinian Authority's opaque legal system.

15 January, 2020

In-depth: A rise in right-wing populism and the growing influence of evangelical Christians have galvanised Israel's influence across Latin America, ending an unprecedented era of support for the Palestinian cause.

20 December, 2019

Brexit has dominated Britain's political landscape since 2016. But with general elections coming up, what can voters expect from the three main parties on foreign policy and the Middle East?

04 December, 2019

Israeli settlements built on land occupied in the 1967 war are one of the most contentious and intractable issues in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

20 November, 2019

The targeted assassination of a powerful Islamic Jihad commander raised the spectre of war in Gaza. But why is Israel targeting the group?

15 November, 2019

Palestinians say the violence reflects decades of institutional discrimination and social exclusion, with deliberate police neglect and political indifference allowing the killings to continue.

18 October, 2019

Despite being synonymous with affordable package holidays, the Thomas Cook travel company, which collapsed this week, was once at the forefront of Britain's imperial expansion into the Middle East.

26 September, 2019