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Farhad Mirza


Farhad Mirza is a writer, journalist and educator. He is a regular contributor to various publications in Pakistan, Europe, the US and the Middle East.You can follow him on twitter: @FarhadMirza01

Muslim author and activist Sherin Khankan talks to Farhad Mirza about her experience of opening Denmark's first women-led mosque.

23 September, 2016

Comment: The notion that a woman is only free when she strips off, is as problematic the one that states she is free when she covers herself, writes Farhad Mirza

26 August, 2016

Comment: When a society violently inscribes its morals and values on a woman's body, the active renunciation of chastity is a highly political, dangerous and risky endeavour, writes Farhad Mirza.

20 July, 2016

Comment: After his resounding victory, Sadiq Khan must be careful not to open democratic space for the politics of division that he transcended during this recent campaign, writes Farhad Mirza.

10 May, 2016

Pakistan may have been commended for its ongoing fight against terrorism, but to what extent have these so-called gains been made, asks Farhad Mirza.

04 May, 2016

Comment: Framing religious extremism as a spiritual confrontation between European secularists and Muslims is a dangerous, reductive and equally radical approach, argues Farhad Mirza.

07 April, 2016

Comment: Appropriating the grief of others to further our own agendas risks adopting a distorted us-and-them world view advocated by those we wish to defeat, writes Farhad Mirza.

19 November, 2015

Comment: Turkey fumbles in the dark for the culprits of Saturday's bombing while the state is expanding its power under a growing culture of anonymous terrorism, writes Farhad Mirza.

14 October, 2015