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Alexander Durie


Alex is a Multimedia Journalist for The New Arab, working across video, photography, and feature writing. He holds a BA in Comparative Literature with Film Studies and a Joint Master's in Journalism and Human Rights. He has freelanced for The Guardian, Al Jazeera English, The Economist, The Financial Times, Reuters, The Independent, and more, contributing dispatches from Paris, Berlin, Beirut, and Warsaw. He also writes non-fiction essays and poetry, and his photos have been exhibited in major galleries in London, Dubai, and Berlin. His work can be found on his website:


Areas of focus: migration issues, world cinema, music and literature, (de)colonisation, human rights, French politics, the Levant region (especially Lebanon and Palestine), football, women’s rights, radicalisation and extremism, and mental health.


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“In a matter of seconds, my life turned upside down”.

For Sanaa Kamal, life in the Gaza Strip has been far from “normal”. Gone are her regular routines of having tea on the balcony with her mother, her daily commutes to work by the Mediterranean Sea, or celebratory moments with her family.

25 March, 2024

Israel’s behaviour in the last four months is as paradoxical as it is deeply disturbing.

By preventing international journalists from entering Gaza and murdering the Palestinian journalists on the ground who are documenting Israel's crimes, Israel may hope to prevent the accumulation of evidence that could be used against them in international courts or tribunals – such as South Africa's genocide case at the ICJ.

12 February, 2024

In-depth: Germany's crackdown on pro-Palestine solidarity since 7 October has had a wide impact on civil society. In Berlin, anti-Zionist Jews have been arrested and fired for criticising Israel and its war on Gaza, but they refuse to yield.

04 December, 2023

Bye Bye Tiberias has been selected as the Palestinian entry for the 2023 Oscars. Coming from an acting dynasty, director Lina Soualem explores the oral traditions of four generations of Palestinian women, including her mother, actress Hiam Abbass.

06 October, 2023

These were Rashida Tlaib's fiery words amid a House of Representatives debate for a resolution supporting Israel on Tuesday, the day before Israeli President Isaac Herzog was due to speak to US Congress.

The resolution in question stated that Congress believes "the state of Israel is not a racist or apartheid state", and "Congress rejects all forms of antisemitism and xenophobia". 

🎥: Alexander Durie

21 July, 2023

What is it like to speak up about Palestine, or criticise Israeli government policies, in a country where authorities are known to conflate anti-Zionism with antisemitism?

06 July, 2023

The large-scale Israeli assault on Jenin occupied West Bank, lasted 48 hours after Israeli forces withdrew from their positions in the city's camp late on Tuesday.

The land and air assault involved more than 3,000 Israeli soldiers, dozens of armoured bulldozers and drone strikes.

The Israeli army said one of its soldiers died, while 12 Palestinians had been killed and dozens were injured.

05 July, 2023

Last week, the UK government’s “anti-BDS” bill was introduced to parliament and passed its first reading to becoming law – posing a chilling threat to protests and criticisms of Israeli occupation of Palestine and the associated human rights abuses against Palestinians.

30 June, 2023

Israel launched its biggest raid on Jenin in years on Monday, with six Palestinians killed in the assault.

The Israeli army reportedly used helicopter gunships to bomb Palestinian targets in the surroundings of the refugee camp – something that has not been seen in the West Bank since 2002, during the eight-day-long battle of Jenin in April of that year amidst the Second Intifada.

21 June, 2023

Greek coastguard officials are pursuing a grim search for survivors after a fishing boat overloaded with refugees and migrants capsized and sank in the Mediterranean Sea.

At least 79 people have so far been confirmed dead, and at the time of writing 104 people have so far been rescued. None of those rescued had safety equipment such as life jackets, the coastguard said.

15 June, 2023