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Hanna Flint


Hanna Flint is a freelance film and TV critic, writer and interviewer who writes for The Guardian, Total Film, Time Out, Syfy, Yahoo Movies, SyFy and other international outlets.

The New Arab Meets: Actor-producer Sajid Varda to learn more about the Muslim International Film Festival, showcasing diverse Muslim stories.

24 May, 2024

Film Review: Firas Khoury's coming-of-age drama grapples with the ongoing struggle for Palestinian sovereignty and longevity with patience and tenderness.

26 April, 2024

Film review: Farah Nabulsi's debut feature explores how Israel's occupation of Palestine takes its toll, with Palestinians caught in a cycle of tragedy.

22 March, 2024

Film review: Michael Winterbottom's film exposes the character of Zionism in the British Mandate. However, it's centred around the British-Jewish narrative.

08 March, 2024

Film review: Despite awe-inspiring cinematography, Hanna Flint wonders if Dune Part Two can overcome accusations of Arab and Muslim cultural appropriation.

01 March, 2024

Film review: Despite Eslam Al Kawarit's performance, Layla Kaylif's rom-com set in 1965 Dubai falls flat due to muddled camera work and cliched scripting.

16 February, 2024

Explore MENA's cinematic creativity and diversity in our curated list of the best MENA films of 2023, from political thrillers to secret matriarchal orders.

29 December, 2023

Film review: Screened at the London Palestine Film Festival, Bye Bye Tiberias pieces together archival footage of four generations of daring Palestinian women.

22 December, 2023

Film review: Shown at the London Palestine Film Festival, Arab and Tarzan Nasser's Dégradé is a heavy-hitting, claustrophobic lens into life as a woman in Gaza.

15 December, 2023

Film Review: Screening at the London Palestine Film Festival, Tomorrow's Freedom captures the tireless Palestinian fight for justice. The intimate documentary looks into the life of Marwan Barghouti, the charismatic and imprisoned Palestinian leader.

08 December, 2023