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Tajana Tadić


Tajana Tadić is a Balkans-based graduate student and refugee aid worker with 'Are You Syrious?'

Comment: The European Court of Justice has left Croatia responsible for dealing with hundreds of thousands of refugees. And Croatia is rejecting as many as it can, writes Tajana Tadic.

01 September, 2017

Comment: A century after the First World War, trench foot has returned to northern France, but it is refugees, not soldiers, being forced to live in desperate unsanitary conditions.

04 August, 2017

Society: As World Refugee Day passes yet again with no change in the condition of most refugees, it's time to remind ourselves of the horrors unfolding right on our doorstep.

21 June, 2017

Analysis: Refugees escaping Syria, Iraq and Libya are being forced to choose between risking the graveyard of the Mediterranean, or indefinite internment in eastern Europe, writes Tajana Tadić.

30 May, 2017