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Christina Abraham


Christina Abraham is an attorney that focuses on civil rights, human rights, immigration/migration, and labour rights. Twitter handle: @christinaabe.

Donald Trump's Executive Orders, especially those on immigration and deportation, are a slippery slope to inevitable abuse of constitutional power, cautions Christina Abraham

27 February, 2017

Blog: Many journalists in the self-described 'progressive media' have rejected Syrians' calls for freedom due to their inability to look past their own dogmatic ideological lines, writes Christina Abraham.

06 October, 2016

Blog: Khaled al-Essa was a dear friend who fought against the ugliest and most hypocritical parts of humanity. His comrades will continue the fight for liberty, writes Christina Abraham.

27 June, 2016

Comment: Our global institutions no longer reflect the multi-polar world in which we live, writes Christina Abraham.

18 April, 2016