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Tom Charles


Charles is a London-based writer, editor and literary agent. He previously worked in the UK parliament, including as a lobbyist for Palestinian rights. He has contributed to Jadaliyya and the Journal of Palestinian Refugee Studies.

Comment: Protesters demonstrating against UAE's role in the slave trade showed that the tide could be turning on Trump's divide and rule tactics, writes Tom Charles.

30 January, 2018

Comment: Moving up the regional league table will be tough with rulers known for foul play, writes Tom Charles.

10 January, 2018

Comment: For the UK, cultural ties, such as the British Council-UAE collaboration act as a lubricant to facilitate the easy flow of capital, writes Tom Charles.

14 November, 2017

Comment: The UK foreign secretary is not the only one who should be reassessing his imperialist outlook, writes Tom Charles.

05 October, 2017

Comment: Labour may be forced to adopt a pro-Israel position, despite its new pro-Palestinian leadership, writes Tom Charles.

11 September, 2017

Comment: The fallout from the 2011 invasion has been disastrous, and Libya could now be emerging as a decisive factor in UK domestic politics, writes Tom Charles.

28 August, 2017

Comment: As alarm over Saudi human rights abuses grows, so does criticism of the Westminster-Riyadh friendship. The relationship of convenience is under threat like never before, writes Tom Charles.

24 July, 2017

Comment: Despite the community response and the millions donated in charity, North Kensington is still hostage to Tory policies, writes Tom Charles.

14 July, 2017

Comment: While solidarity with Palestine becomes more mainstream, UK and international institutions still firmly favour Israel, writes Tom Charles.

07 July, 2017

Comment: At parliament, Grenfell community members described the local council's 'managed decline' of the area. These people deserve dignity and respect, now, writes Tom Charles.

03 July, 2017