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Tom Charles


Charles is a London-based writer, editor and literary agent. He previously worked in the UK parliament, including as a lobbyist for Palestinian rights. He has contributed to Jadaliyya and the Journal of Palestinian Refugee Studies.

Comment: The presence of the US as a permanent member of the UN Security Council has blocked the laws that would bring justice and liberate Palestinians, writes Tom Charles

29 November, 2016

Comment: The Muslim Council of Britain has set in motion its own 'grassroots' counter-extremism programme, with the simple message that any use of violence is unacceptable, writes Tom Charles

21 November, 2016

Comment: Almost a century ago, the Balfour Declaration promised the Jewish people British support for a homeland in Palestine, and made a hollow promise to Palestinians, writes Tom Charles

02 November, 2016

Theresa May is proving as defiant as her predecessor in guarding the UK-Saudi special relationship. But the strategic alliance is under greater scrutiny than ever, writes Tom Charles.

29 October, 2016

Comment: They may be running for leadership of the same party, but Owen Smith and Jeremy Corbyn's policies on Palestine couldn't be more different, writes Tom Charles

23 September, 2016

Comment: Owen Smith's challenge to the Labour leadership is steeped in Blair-era politics, while Corbyn has popular support and a credible foreign policy message, writes Tom Charles

21 July, 2016

Comment: Prime Minister Theresa May's hawkish foreign policy, backing for the Iraq War, and unwavering support for Israel could backfire on the Conservative leader, boosting Corbyn's appeal, says Tom Charles.

13 July, 2016

Comment: The Chilcot report, a scramble for leadership, popular support for Corbyn and bitter infighting among MPs, may provide the ingredients of a perfect storm for Labour, writes Tom Charles

04 July, 2016

Comment: Palestine's natural allies are either too weakened by internal crises or too eager to secure American sponsorship to provide solid support for their neighbour, writes Tom Charles

16 June, 2016

Comment: While the Tory campaign uses dirty tactics to associate Labour's Mayoral candidate with terrorism, Khan remains upbeat about the politics of hope and unity for Londoners, says Tom Charles

28 April, 2016