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Paul R. Pillar

Paul R. Pillar

Paul R. Pillar is Non-resident Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Studies of Georgetown University and an Associate Fellow of the Geneva Center for Security Policy. He retired in 2005 from a 28-year career in the U.S. intelligence community.

Comment: Israel's heightened military aggressiveness has multiple bad consequences, in addition to being an affront to the sovereignty of multiple regional states, writes Paul R. Pillar.

29 August, 2019

Comment: Trump's attitude to the Khashoggi affair rigidly divides the Middle East into purported friends and enemies, writes Paul R. Pillar.

24 October, 2018

Comment: The Trump administration's policy on the war in Yemen is indefensible, writes Paul R. Pillar.

05 September, 2018

Comment: Compared to Obama's Iran deal, Trump's nuclear 'diplomacy' with North Korea looks weak and disappointing, writes Paul R. Pillar.

14 June, 2018

Comment: Trump's 'travel ban' is in fact a Muslim ban and is creating confusion and disorder in the United States' foreign policy, writes Paul R. Pillar.

04 October, 2017