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Zouhir al-Shimale


Zouhir al-Shimale is a journalist and reporter based in Aleppo, Syria. Follow him on Twitter: @ZouhirAlShimale

A youth citizen club created a new campaign to help Syria's marginalised children become changemakers by training and teaching them new skills which they can go apply within their communities.

19 July, 2019

Surrounded on all sites, under artillery bombardment and airstrikes, displaced in some cases twice or three times already, those trapped in Idlib have nowhere to go, reports Zouhir al-Shimale.

11 April, 2019

'Everything is under attack, the peace talks have brought only blood and grief to us.'

22 February, 2019

Idlib, home to millions of displaced Syrians, is surrounded by Russian and Assad regime forces. With an al-Qaeda-linked group now holding the province's capital, residents fear for the future.

31 January, 2019

Blog: The suburb of Urum al-Kubra, where the UN aid convoy was destroyed, has been hit hard by airstrikes.

01 October, 2016

Blog: As a ceasefire briefly takes hold, Zouhir al-Shimale shares a typical day in Syria's city under siege.

13 September, 2016