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Bahia Mardini


Bahia is a human rights campaigner and the founder of Syrian House, an organisation dedicated to helping Syrians in the UK access information and support. She specialises in human rights and democracy in the Middle East.

Comment: Our fight for a free Syria will not cease. Until that day, the least we can do is to hear the voices of Syrians, writes Bahia Mardini.

28 September, 2018

Comment: Bahia Mardini remembers a time when Ramadan in Syria was about celebrating, sharing as a family and supporting those less fortunate. Today the picture is much bleaker.

12 June, 2018

Comment: In Syria, democratic elections are still something we can only dream of, writes Bahia Mardini.

04 May, 2018

Comment: Syria's brutal civil war is entering its eighth year, and women and children are often its first victims, writes Bahia Mardini.

21 March, 2018

Comment: There can be no victory while Assad remains in power. But 2018 must bring Syrians closer to holding free and fair multi-party elections, writes Bahia Mardini.

02 January, 2018