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Majid Mohammadi


Majid Mohammadi is an Iranian-born academic, and the author of more than 20 books in Persian and English about politics, arts and religion in Iran.

Comment: Car cruising events are just the latest element of youth culture to be cracked down upon, as Tehran bids to control social problems it has created, writes Majid Mohammadi

18 September, 2015

Comment: Iran's supreme leader will not allow any challenges to his dominance of affairs in the country, and the president has now served his purpose, writes Majid Mohammadi

08 September, 2015

Comment: Iran's public awaits a clear stance by their supreme leader on the nuclear deal - but there are many reasons why it will not be forthcoming, says Majid Mohammadi.

19 August, 2015

Comment: As the nuclear deal comes into effect, billions of dollars will be at the disposal of Iran's ruling elite, while ordinary citizens continue to suffer, writes Majid Mohammadi.

13 August, 2015

Comment: Selling the deal to Iran's hardliners has to go through the Islamic Consultative Assembly (Majles), which the President's camp is trying to pass over, writes Majid Mohammadi.

05 August, 2015

Comment: The Iranian regime has limited the right of political and human rights activists, journalists, and members of ethnic minorities to have access to lawyers, argues Majid Mohammadi.

03 August, 2015

Comment: How the disenfranchised channelled their energies to win one battle against a totalitarian government, and the reception they have received.

13 July, 2015

Comment: Iranians are being denied the opportunity to mourn their sons and fathers sent to fight in Syria, as officials reject any talk of "foreign intervention".

16 June, 2015