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Jonathan Kuttab


Jonathan Kuttab is a leading human rights lawyer and a Non-resident Fellow at Arab Center Washington DC. He is a resident of East Jerusalem and a partner of Kuttab, Khoury, and Hanna Law Firm there.

Opinion: Palestinian citizens of Israel face the same racist ideology as their brothers and sisters elsewhere in the Occupied Territories. They stand united in resistance as one Palestinian people, writes Jonathan Kuttab.

18 May, 2021

Comment: Palestinians are keener than ever to vote, but it's not yet clear whether persistent obstacles can be overcome, or the extent of change elections might bring, writes Jonathan Kuttab.

23 February, 2021

Comment: Israel has determined separate and unequal regimes for Israelis and Palestinians, and enshrined them in laws that assert the control of one group over the other, writes Jonathan Kuttab.

17 February, 2021