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Guma El-Gamaty


Guma El-Gamaty is a Libyan academic and politician who heads the Taghyeer Party in Libya and a member of the UN-backed Libyan political dialogue process.

Comment: Although Russia appears to be shoring up relations with Khalifa Haftar, it is acting strategically to keep all potential emerging leaders on side, writes Guma ElGamaty.

22 August, 2017

Comment: To Italy's dismay, France has taken a leading role in Libya. But suspicions persist over whether President Macron is capable of being an honest broker, writes Guma Gamaty.

03 August, 2017

Comment: An emboldened Egypt and UAE spells bad news for an inclusive Libyan national agenda, writes Guma ElGamaty.

12 July, 2017

Comment: Was Saif al-Islam Gaddafi really released recently? If so, what influence might he have on Libya's future? asks Guma ElGamaty.

23 June, 2017

Comment: After a significant meeting in the UAE, Serraj and Haftar are also set to visit Washington next month. But high-profile meetings are only half the story, writes Guma ElGamaty.

09 May, 2017

Comment: With Sisi's visit to Washington, and Haftar looking to take greater control of the south, local as well as international alliances are shifting in Libya, writes Guma ElGamaty.

12 April, 2017

Comment: The ICC and the UN are standing idle as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch are documenting a growing body of human rights abuses in Libya, writes Guma El-Gamaty.

29 March, 2017

Comment: Battles over the oil crescent and the capital are framing the ongoing civil war, writes Guma El-Gamaty.

16 March, 2017

Comment: While Gaddafi built a reputation for getting involved in other countries' business, Libya is now on the receiving end of foreign powers taking an interest, writes Guma El-Gamaty.

10 March, 2017

Comment: Despite Russia's desire for greater influence in Libya, the US, with former ExxonMobil chief Tillerson leading foreign policy, is unlikely to renounce 60 years of influence, writes Guma ElGamaty.

07 February, 2017