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Yousra Samir Imran

Yousra Samir Imran

Yousra Samir Imran is a British Egyptian writer and author who is based Yorkshire. She is the author of Hijab and Red Lipstick, being published by Hashtag Press in the UK in October 2020

Follow her on Twitter: @UNDERYOURABAYA

The New Arab Meets: Gazan author, journalist, and mother, Laila El-Haddad. In an exclusive interview, Laila speaks about Gaza, foodwashing, and staying hopeful.

12 January, 2024

The New Arab Meets: British Moroccan actress & star of ITVX's The Effects of Lying, Laila Rouass. She talks with urgency about a ceasefire in Gaza, taking a stand for Palestinians’ human rights and what it’s like to be asked 'Do you condemn Hamas?'

17 November, 2023

Book Club: Etaf Rum discusses her long-awaited novel, the plight of Palestinian authors to prevent Palestine’s erasure through storytelling, and the concept of the evil eye as a coping mechanism for Palestinians in the face of the continuing Nakba.

25 October, 2023

It's been a year since Iranian authorities oversaw the brutal murder of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini. Her death and others like her have spawned the Woman Life Freedom movement that demands systemic change in Iran. One year on, how has the movement fared?

16 September, 2023

A new ITV horror comedy Count Abdulla brings Muslim representation to a subgenre lacking in diversity.

08 September, 2023

Book Club: The New Arab meets British Egyptian author Ola Mustapha to talk about her debut novel, on being second-generation North African Arab in Britain and the burden of representation in literature.

16 August, 2023

Book Club: The New Arab speaks to award-winning Lebanese journalist Dalal Mawad, author of the new book whose release coincides with the third-year anniversary of the 2020 Beirut port explosion.

02 August, 2023

The New Arab Meets: Egyptian musician Bayou, whose poetic lyrics have contributed to a more vulnerable sensibility in popular Arab music.

06 July, 2023

Book Club: Prophet Muhammad's wife Aisha is revered by Sunni Muslims for her leadership qualities, compassion and wisdom. The first in Kube's 'Treasury' series written by a woman about a woman, Dr Sofia Rehman explores her lasting legacy.

17 May, 2023

A recent report published by Muslim Census reveals that the British Muslim community has a lot of work to do when it comes to providing Muslim women with access to Islamic scholars and worship space.

04 April, 2023