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Yousra Samir Imran

Yousra Samir Imran

Yousra Samir Imran is a British Egyptian writer and author who is based Yorkshire. She is the author of Hijab and Red Lipstick, being published by Hashtag Press in the UK in October 2020

Follow her on Twitter: @UNDERYOURABAYA

Book Club: Prophet Muhammad's wife Aisha is revered by Sunni Muslims for her leadership qualities, compassion and wisdom. The first in Kube's 'Treasury' series written by a woman about a woman, Dr Sofia Rehman explores her lasting legacy.

17 May, 2023

A recent report published by Muslim Census reveals that the British Muslim community has a lot of work to do when it comes to providing Muslim women with access to Islamic scholars and worship space.

04 April, 2023

Book Club: The British Libyan journalist’s upcoming book, The Othered Woman, is the first of its kind to take a deep dive into gendered Islamophobia.

08 March, 2023

Book Club: Justice and Beauty in Muslim Marriage is the culmination of research between scholars of Islamic studies & women’s rights activists, providing a framework for achieving an egalitarian marriage model based on core Quranic principles.

18 January, 2023

The New Arab has spoken to three British Arab and South Asian Muslim women whose experiences with the NHS points to ongoing systemic discrimination in maternal and reproductive healthcare services.

04 January, 2023

Lionel Messi's crowning moment, winning the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, was immediately soured by Western ignorance over the bisht. The highest symbol of Arab respect and achievement, the garment was unsurprisingly derided by Western commentators.

29 December, 2022

Book Club: Discussions in the British Muslim community about love and sexual desire have long been denigrated to taboo. But with the latest generation continuing to grow in creative stature, a new crop of authors are challenging this culture.

07 December, 2022

Book Club: Through water flows, one can ascertain much about the past, present and future of a country. In a hugely creative and engaging offering, Sabrina Mahfouz's latest book uncovers the many fingers involved in the Middle East's water supply.

12 October, 2022

As protests sweep the Islamic Republic of Iran, Iranian women tell The New Arab that they will no longer accept their bodies being a political battleground.

05 October, 2022

Book Club: Growing up feeling out of place is a daunting prospect, particularly if you're from an immigrant family. Sara El Sayed's Muddy People is a funny, uplifting memoir about her navigation of a new culture whilst trying to hold onto her own.

21 September, 2022