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Anthony Harwood


Anthony Harwood is a former foreign editor at the Daily Mail and a former head of news and US editor at the Daily Mirror.

Don't be fooled by the alluring PR stunts of the many 'greenwashers' at the COP26, and we must keep on pushing them to do meaningful steps regarding climate change, writes Anthony Harwood.

05 November, 2021

FIFA's president Gianni Infantino's suggestion of an Israel-UAE 2030 World Cup is motivated purely by mouth-watering prospects of making money, writes Anthony Harwood.

22 October, 2021

Saudi families of 37 people beheaded in a mass execution are pleading with authorities to return the bodies of their relatives, a year after their deaths.

23 April, 2020

The trial of Loujain al-Hathloul has been postponed indefinitely by the coronavirus outbreak. Her sister, speaking exclusively to The New Arab, says Saudi authorities are trying to 'break her'.

24 March, 2020

Comment: An 'open' Saudi Arabia has nothing to do with hosting sporting events, and everything to do with transparency and accountability, writes Anthony Harwood.

14 January, 2020

Comment: Loaded and leading questions failed to convince a majority of respondents to slam Qatar's World Cup hosting, but still managed to generate the intended misleading headlines, writes Anthony Harwood.

15 March, 2019

Foreign workers will now be allowed to leave the country without requiring their employer's permission.

05 September, 2018

Comment: At its first World Cup match, Saudi Arabia complained of mixing politics with sport, but SWAFF, its new footballing federation, is guilty of just that, writes Anthony Harwood.

25 June, 2018

Comment: Saudi Arabia's support for the US-led bid for the 2026 World Cup over that of its Arab neighbour, Morocco, tells of new and broken alliances, writes Anthony Harwood.

08 May, 2018

Comment: If Saudi orchestrated fake news continues to use Qatar's 2022 World Cup as a political football, the game as a whole will suffer, writes Anthony Harwood.

01 March, 2018