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Helmi al-Asmar


The religious extremists of today are a throwback to Alamut and modern Islamic scholars must work hard to counter the jihadists' abuse of history, argues Helmi al-Asmar

07 August, 2015

Comment: Arab leaders are no longer concerned with the struggle against Palestinian oppression and now see resistance as the threat to their system, says Helmi al-Asmar

24 April, 2015

Comment: Egyptians must unite to prevent the country falling apart and see its proud army fall into the abyss of a fabricated "war on terrorism", says Helmi al-Asmar.

09 April, 2015

Feature: The Turkmen occupy makeshift dwellings in the wasteland of Jordan's capital, Amman. Without fixed homes, jobs, or ID cards, they live a separate existence from their Arab neighbours.

29 January, 2015

Whether secular or religious, authoritarian parties in the region have used Islam to absolve themselves of blame. This has tarnished the name of Islam and hurt Muslims in the process.

19 December, 2014

The former head of Israeli intelligence noted that Jewish and Islamic religious parties have a lot in common.

06 December, 2014