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Bassel Salloukh


Bassel F. Salloukh is Associate Professor of Political Science at the Lebanese American University (LAU) in Beirut. His latest book is the co-authored 'The Politics of Sectarianism in Postwar Lebanon' (Pluto Press, 2015).

Comment: Leaders in the Arab world should take their cue from Obama and recognise the limits of America's influence, or risk witnessing further war and destruction, writes Bassel F. Salloukh.

26 May, 2016

Comment: The new movement may not have won elections in Lebanon, but may have offered us a glimpse of the future, writes Bassel F. Salloukh.

11 May, 2016

Comment: Successful people of supposed Lebanese descent can be found all around the world, but, Bassel Salloukh asks, what about those who toil away to build a better Lebanon?

27 April, 2016

Comment: The creative ways in which postwar plural societies can be governed are dangerously undermined through reductionist binary options of ethno-sectarian federalism and hyper-centralised state, writes Dr. Bassel F. Salloukh.

28 March, 2016

The political fallout between Lebanon's political groups over withdrawn Saudi funding exposed a dysfunctional state in which citizens suffer from a corrupt political elite and a deteriorating quality of life.

07 March, 2016

Comment: The re-release of the classic play has many lessons for today's Lebanon, writes Bassel F Salloukh.

17 February, 2016

Comment: Modern day sectarianism in the Middle East is often dismissed as 'ancient hatreds' continuing into the present day, but this goes against historical precedents says Bassel F. Salloukh.

03 February, 2016

Comment: In 2015, Europe faced blowback from the war in Syria, while the Arab World witnessed the continuation of a downward spiral into a seemingly bottomless abyss, writes Bassel Salloukh.

30 December, 2015

Comment: One of the casualties of the wave of terrorist attacks unleashed by IS is the anti-sectarian movement galvanised by Lebanon’s summer garbage crisis, writes Bassel Salloukh.

18 November, 2015