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Giorgio Cafiero


Giorgio Cafiero is the CEO of Gulf State Analytics. Follow him on Twitter: @GiorgioCafiero

Analysis: With international condemnation growing and Israel still vowing to invade Rafah, will US policy change?

09 April, 2024

Analysis: A landmark visit by a Hezbollah official to the UAE has led to speculation about the motivations for, and potential outcomes of, the rare trip.

03 April, 2024

Analysis: The US plan to have an aid port set up off Gaza to tackle severe food shortages caused by Israel's weaponisation of aid doesn't address the root cause

20 March, 2024

Analysis: Russia's invasion of Ukraine has accelerated East-West bifurcation in an increasingly multipolar world, with Arab states striking a delicate balance.

05 March, 2024

Analysis: The intra-Palestinian talks in Moscow are part of Russia's diplomacy vis-à-vis the Israeli war on Gaza. But will they produce concrete results?

27 February, 2024

Analysis: Erdogan's landmark visit to Cairo was an important watershed in Egypt and Turkey's rapprochement.

22 February, 2024

Analysis: Without an end to Israel's war in Gaza, tensions between the US and Iran in the Middle East will continue to rise.

13 February, 2024

Analysis: No new Arab states are likely to join the Abraham Accords anytime soon, but will the Gaza war impact existing normalisation deals?

06 February, 2024

Analysis: In terms of global opinion and moral standing there will be costs, but will Washington and European countries change their policy on the Gaza war?

29 January, 2024

Analysis: Cross-border military strikes have severely damaged diplomatic relations, but there are reasons to be optimistic about a de-escalation of tensions.

23 January, 2024