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Giorgio Cafiero


Giorgio Cafiero is the CEO of Gulf State Analytics. Follow him on Twitter: @GiorgioCafiero

Analysis: The US is not just a supporter of Israel's war, it has actively facilitated it through military planning, arms supplies, and vetoes at the UN.

18 January, 2024

Analysis: Deadly US airstrikes in Iraq make Baghdad's balancing act increasingly difficult as it seeks to contain the ripple effects of Israel's war on Gaza.

11 January, 2024

Analysis: Escalating conflicts and geopolitical shifts had a profound impact on the region last year. What trends could define the Middle East in 2024?

02 January, 2024

Analysis: Despite shared calls for ceasefire, Saudi and Iranian economic worries and differing post-war objectives underscore divergence in perspectives on Gaza

27 December, 2023

Analysis: As attention shifts from Ukraine, Moscow wants to secure its influence in the Middle East and take advantage of anti-US sentiment amid the Gaza war.

19 December, 2023

Analysis: The war is helping Assad emerge from pariah status, but Israel's bombing and the threat of expansion pose serious threats.

14 December, 2023

Analysis: Jordan's relationship with Israel is in unchartered territory. While many experts doubt that Amman would abrogate its peace treaty any time soon, the possibility of it happening cannot be completely ruled out.

05 December, 2023

Analysis: Israel has no coherent roadmap for Gaza's future, with the return of the Palestinian Authority, an Arab/international military presence, or an Israeli re-occupation all creating new problems of their own.

27 November, 2023

Analysis: The unwavering US and Western support for Israel's devastating war on Gaza is doing long-term damage to the legitimacy of the 'rules-based order'.

20 November, 2023

Analysis: After a decade of tense ties, relations between Ankara and Tel Aviv had been slowly renormalising, but Israel's war on Gaza could see the process unravel once again.

14 November, 2023