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Giorgio Cafiero


Giorgio Cafiero is the CEO of Gulf State Analytics. Follow him on Twitter: @GiorgioCafiero

Analysis: The intra-Palestinian talks in Moscow are part of Russia's diplomacy vis-à-vis the Israeli war on Gaza. But will they produce concrete results?

27 February, 2024

Analysis: Erdogan's landmark visit to Cairo was an important watershed in Egypt and Turkey's rapprochement.

22 February, 2024

Analysis: Without an end to Israel's war in Gaza, tensions between the US and Iran in the Middle East will continue to rise.

13 February, 2024

Analysis: No new Arab states are likely to join the Abraham Accords anytime soon, but will the Gaza war impact existing normalisation deals?

06 February, 2024

Analysis: In terms of global opinion and moral standing there will be costs, but will Washington and European countries change their policy on the Gaza war?

29 January, 2024

Analysis: Cross-border military strikes have severely damaged diplomatic relations, but there are reasons to be optimistic about a de-escalation of tensions.

23 January, 2024

Analysis: The US is not just a supporter of Israel's war, it has actively facilitated it through military planning, arms supplies, and vetoes at the UN.

18 January, 2024

Analysis: Deadly US airstrikes in Iraq make Baghdad's balancing act increasingly difficult as it seeks to contain the ripple effects of Israel's war on Gaza.

11 January, 2024

Analysis: Escalating conflicts and geopolitical shifts had a profound impact on the region last year. What trends could define the Middle East in 2024?

02 January, 2024

Analysis: Despite shared calls for ceasefire, Saudi and Iranian economic worries and differing post-war objectives underscore divergence in perspectives on Gaza

27 December, 2023