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Yousef Munayyer


Dr. Yousef Munayyer is Middle East Analyst at Arab Center Washington DC and Executive Director of US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation

Comment: Obama can say what he likes at the UN General Assembly, but renewed military aid to Israel shows that money speaks louder than words, writes Dr. Yousef Munayyer

27 September, 2016

Comment: This week marks two years since the end of Operation Protective Edge, but today, Israeli policy under Lieberman provokes and empowers rogue groups in Gaza, writes Yousef Munayyer

29 August, 2016

Comment: As president of the USA, Clinton would strengthen ties with Israel, echoing policies of the Democratic Party's past, and creating tension with its younger future, writes Dr. Yousef Munayyer

22 July, 2016

Comment: A confluence of recent events sets the stage for an increasingly contentious battle between civil society actors and the political elite in years to come, writes Dr. Yousef Munayyer

07 June, 2016