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Yousef Munayyer


Dr. Yousef Munayyer is Middle East Analyst at Arab Center Washington DC and Executive Director of US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation

Comment: The rapid growth of the progressive vote in America over the past four years reveals how voting patterns will continue to change in 2020 and beyond, writes Yousef Munayyer.

20 October, 2020

Comment: A 2020 Democrat victory could see a new US administration willing to condition aid to Israel, writes Yousef Munayyer.

18 November, 2019

Comment: Elections could be bad news for Abbas, but unless they can can happen freely and fairly, they likely won't happen at all, writes Yousef Munayyer.

21 October, 2019

Comment: Saudi Arabia under Muhammad bin Salman is likely to take even more hasty, reactionary measures, like the coercion of Qatar and the quagmire in Yemen, writes Yousef Munayyer.

22 June, 2017

Comment: The anti-Semitic language of the previous Charter is gone, and references to the Muslim Brotherhood are absent, representing a willingness to adapt to current times, writes Yousef Munayyer.

04 May, 2017

Comment: Egypt, Jordan and Palestine's leaders are all visiting Washington this month. Is a regional summit on the horizon? If so, Palestinians are right to remain wary, writes Yousef Munayyer.

03 April, 2017

Comment: For decades, Israeli law has enshrined the principles of apartheid, stripping Palestinians of their rights for the purposes of maintaining Israel's grip on power, writes Yousef Munayyer.

28 February, 2017

Comment: Alone, the conference amounts to little, but in the context of the past year it signals an ongoing, significant move away from the peace process, writes Yousef Munayyer.

18 January, 2017

Comment: The America Trump inherits is one traumatised by years of "War on Terror" policies on top of institutionalised racism, writes Yousef Munayyer

20 December, 2016

Comment: If Obama makes a last ditch effort on the Israel-Palestine issue, many worry it will ultimately only serve to move the goalposts once again, writes Dr. Yousef Munayyer

09 November, 2016