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Nicholas Frakes


Nicholas Frakes is a freelance journalist that reports from London, the Middle East and North Africa

Analysis: Israeli strikes are targeting senior Iranian and Hezbollah leaders, a sign that the once-mutual deterrence that prevented war no longer exists.

04 April, 2024

Analysis: Even as Hezbollah fires rockets and missiles from south Lebanon, analysts say the group has little interest in launching a full-scale war with Israel - but the risk of escalation is ever-present.

11 October, 2023

Analysis: With talks currently underway between Hezbollah and the Free Patriotic Movement, the recent clashes in Kahaleh put even more pressure on Gebran Bassil to walk away with a win.

15 August, 2023

Analysis: After nearly two decades of relative calm, Hezbollah and Israel are once again provoking each other in a game that could have disastrous results for both countries.

12 July, 2023

In-depth: In the absence of direct armed conflict with Israel, Hezbollah has employed media and TV shows to spread its narrative and maintain public support.

19 April, 2023

Analysis: Following an agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia to re-establish diplomatic ties, Lebanon remains low on the list of priorities for the Saudis, with the country acting as a bargaining chip in future negotiations with Tehran.

29 March, 2023

Analysis: Despite tough rhetoric, the United States has mostly failed in its efforts to curb Hezbollah's power in Lebanon or its regional activities.

15 December, 2022

Analysis: Lebanon will likely be without a president until a compromise candidate can reassure Hezbollah that they will not interfere in the group's affairs.

24 November, 2022

Unsanitary conditions in refugee camps and failing infrastructure caused by the economic crisis have allowed cholera to spread throughout Lebanon while health organisations scramble to contain the outbreak.

09 November, 2022

An increasing number of people in Lebanon are investing in solar systems for their homes in order to cut costs for private generators as the government is unable to provide a stable power source for the country.

15 September, 2022