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Daniel Larison


Daniel Larison is a senior editor at The American Conservative magazine. He has a PhD in History from the University of Chicago.

What does Abu Dhabi get out of designating their enemies 'terrorists'? The ability to prolong the war and the suffering indefinitely, writes Daniel Larison.

06 March, 2022

Despite promises to overhaul Trump policies, Biden's first year in foreign policy was defined by an unwillingness to make major changes. To be successful in 2022, he must take more risks and worry less about political backlash, writes Daniel Larison.

06 January, 2022

Opinion: Known for his recklessness and jingoistic approach to the job, the unrepentant former Secretary of Defense will be remembered for his gross failures in Iraq and Afghanistan which cost tens of thousands of lives, writes Daniel Larison.

01 July, 2021

Comment: Blinken will repair the damage done to international treaties and relationships, but when it comes to questions of military intervention, his record is much less reassuring, writes Daniel Larison.

26 November, 2020