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Malek Wannous

Malek Wannous


Wannous is a Syrian author and translator. He had translated Vittorio Arrigoni's book 'Gaza: Stay Human' which was published by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies.

Opinion: While Egypt played a major role in bringing about the Hamas-Israel ceasefire, many are suspicious of its motives, writes Malek Wannous.

14 June, 2021

The BDS movement is gaining momentum and support, serving Israel a painful blow and forcing it to call on its traditional supporters for help.

22 July, 2015

Comment: World leaders last year marked 25 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of communist tyranny. Yet they do nothing to criticise Israel's apartheid wall which oppresses Palestinians.

04 February, 2015

Sacrifices have brought more political change to the Arab world than car bombs and terrorism ever could.

16 December, 2014

Obama is continuing the project of the neo-cons who came before him, pursuing multiple wars in the name of "anti-terrorism" to assume world hegemony.

09 December, 2014