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Brooke is The New Arab's Washington, DC correspondent. She did her BA in Geography of the Middle East at the University of London, SOAS, where she wrote a dissertation on water policy in Syria and Turkey. She spent five years in Damascus, where she studied Arabic and worked as a journalist and eight years in Beirut, where she mainly worked as a journalist. She has won awards for writing about police brutality in the US and Syrian refugees in Lebanon.


Areas of focus: US foreign policy, Arab and Muslim communities in the US, political movements in the US

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"It's too little, too late," Adam Shapiro, director of advocacy for Israel-Palestine at Democracy for the Arab World Now, told The New Arab.

06 December, 2023

Among those who voted "present" was Representative Jerry Nadler, who urged others to do the same, creating something of a dissent from the Democrats. He described the resolution as "either intellectually disingenuous or just factually wrong."

06 December, 2023

This week, activists in Washington, DC are staging a five-day hunger strike in front of the White House to protest the US administration's policy in Israel amid the war in Gaza and to demand a permanent ceasefire.

29 November, 2023

"This goes to show how easily an election can be bought and paid for in this country. Our country's campaign finance system is broken, and the only people it benefits are the rich and powerful."

29 November, 2023

The shootings of three Palestinian US university students in Burlington, Vermont has shaken communities from the US to the West Bank and beyond, as people are left grappling with the strong possibility of a hate crime and questions over gun safety.

28 November, 2023

Hill Harper said he won't try to force out the only Palestinian-American in Congress 'because some special interests don’t like her', even for $20 million.

23 November, 2023

There have been 1,283 bias incidents reported, a 216 percent increase when compared with similar time periods in previous years. It is believed that these numbers only represent a small proportion of these incidents, given that most go unreported.

23 November, 2023

Protesters have gathered for a second time at a Boeing facility near the US city of St. Louis to protest its arming of Israel amid the war on Gaza

22 November, 2023

On Friday, more than a thousand demonstrators gathered at Union Station, the capital's main train station, shutting it down at rush-hour at the end of the work week, with police responding by blocking the entire main entrance.

18 November, 2023

The resolution "expresses concern for the thousands of people whose health and safety are at risk unless a ceasefire is reached and humanitarian assistance is made available in Gaza."

18 November, 2023