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 Brooke is The New Arab's Washington, DC correspondent. She did her BA in Geography of the Middle East at University of London, SOAS, where she wrote a dissertation on water policy in Syria and Turkey. She previously spent five years in Damascus, where she studied Arabic and worked as a journalist and eight years in Beirut, where she mainly worked as a journalist. She has won awards for writing about police brutality in the US and Syrian refugees in Lebanon.


Areas of focus: US foreign policy, Arab and Muslim communities in the US, political movements in the US

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Just before her removal from the Foreign Affairs Committee, Ilhan Omar vowed to continue speaking out for those affected by US policy.

03 February, 2023

US House Republicans have scheduled a vote for Thursday to remove Representative Ilhan Omar from the Foreign Affairs Committee, energising Democrats and rights advocates who believe she is being targeted for her identity.

02 February, 2023

With House Republicans threatening to oust Ilhan Omar from the Foreign Affairs Committee, a handful seem to be hesitating over the unusual precedent it would set. A decision is expected sometime this week.

31 January, 2023

The US has just taken a step toward including Americans with Middle East and North Africa backgrounds in the US census, a long-advocated goal by Arab Americans and others with roots in the region.

28 January, 2023

A nominee for a high-level human rights post has withdrawn her name following nearly two years of objections from a pro-Israel Republican senator.

27 January, 2023

"Palestinians may be banned from flying their flag under an apartheid government, but we can still proudly do it at my office," Tlaib wrote on Twitter.

26 January, 2023

Richie Torres, one of the few openly gay members of US Congress, is voicing support for the new US embassy building in Jerusalem. Will he feel the same when or if the new Israeli government implements anti-LGBTQ+ policies?

25 January, 2023

"The bill doesn't do any service to counter espionage," William White, director of the Council of American-Islamic Relations, told The New Arab. "Basically, it puts into state policy xenophobic and anti-Asian policy. 

24 January, 2023

A man in Oregon accused of vandalising a mosque and two synagogues last year is now facing federal charges

24 January, 2023

A US professor who has been critical of Israel is being faced with legal action by pro-Israel groups over alleged anti-Semitism in her class.

21 January, 2023