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Brooke is The New Arab's Washington, DC correspondent. She did her BA in Geography of the Middle East at the University of London, SOAS, where she wrote a dissertation on water policy in Syria and Turkey. She spent five years in Damascus, where she studied Arabic and worked as a journalist and eight years in Beirut, where she mainly worked as a journalist. She has won awards for writing about police brutality in the US and Syrian refugees in Lebanon.


Areas of focus: US foreign policy, Arab and Muslim communities in the US, political movements in the US

Follow her on Twitter: @Brookethenews

Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., is urging Democrats in Dearborn, Michigan, to vote against President Joe Biden in the state's upcoming Democratic primary.

18 February, 2024

HR 3016, introduced by Republican Congressman Mike Lawler, states that individuals and organisations would be prohibited from boycotting friendly countries.

15 February, 2024

In his victory speech, Suozzi praised Israel. Pilip featured her life story as an Ethiopian Jew who had immigrated to Israel and served in the military.

14 February, 2024

While Biden mocked opponents over Super Bowl conspiracy theories, activists were organising demonstrations to condemn Israel's bombing of Rafah.

13 February, 2024

"If the administration is serious about sanctioning violent Israeli settlers, it should ensure that it creates consequences..."

09 February, 2024

"These steps will not solve the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, but taken together, they will alleviate the suffering for millions of people."

07 February, 2024

"If October 7th had never happened, if this was all done when people were not getting killed, it would mean doing the right thing for the right reasons."

06 February, 2024

AIPAC has fundraised off of Hamas's attack on Israel and its war in Gaza, while Rashida Tlaib has also seen a surge in donations with her anti-war messaging.

02 February, 2024

The resolution, which was endorsed last week by the city's mayor Brandon Johnson, was passed with a tie-breaking vote by the progressive mayor on Wednesday.

01 February, 2024

News of the Muslim women's disinvitation to the event follows repeated disruptions by ceasefire advocates at campaign events.

01 February, 2024