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Fatima El-Issawi


Comment: Western countries are more concerned with warfare against 'terrorism' and their interests in the Middle East than human rights violations committed by their allies, argues Fatima el-Issawi.

21 October, 2015

Comment: Morocco has suffered from the wave of conservatism in the Arab world. But liberals must win the political battle before tackling the issue of civil rights, says Fatima al-Issawi.

27 August, 2015

Comment: Tunisia, the democratic success story of the Arab Spring, faces serious challenges from economic recession to radicalised youth. Many want to see it fail, says Fatima El-Issawi.

03 July, 2015

Whether it is seen as a war on freedom of speech or merely the latest terrorist atrocity, the attack on Charlie Hebdo has rekindled the debate about where the limits of freedom of speech should lie.

14 January, 2015

Egypt's newspapers are filled with tales of lust and violence - often fabricated and obtained with no regard for ethics - leaving the country uninformed about real issues, and its people's problems ignored.

26 November, 2014