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Hamid Dabashi


Hamid Dabashi is the author Post-Orientalism: Knowledge and Power in Time of Terror. He lives in New York.

Comment: Sentiments in the region are geared towards a partially justified, partially exaggerated, fear of the spread of Iranian influence. Dangerous conclusions have been reached, says Hamid Dabashi.

20 April, 2015

Comment: People soft power is spreading and cancelling out the traditional methods of repression open to autocratic and tyrannical regimes across Arab and Muslim countries, writes Hamid Dabashi.

06 April, 2015

Comment: Since the Arab Spring revolutions threatened the status quo in the Middle East, tyrants, sympathisers and extremists have attempted to pull back the gains the people made.

30 March, 2015

Comment: Netanyahu's victory in the Israeli election poses the question why we bother to write after the triumph of the antithesis of our humanity, asks Hamid Dabashi.

23 March, 2015

Comment: In praising the Israeli leader, US Congress members and leading journalists are showing their overwhelming bias regarding events in the region.

16 March, 2015

Comment: Arab revolutions must be seen in a context outside temporary set-backs. They have long since passed the points of no return, writes Hamid Dabashi.

09 March, 2015

Comment: Islamic State commentary is everywhere. But one particular Atlantic article has made waves, particularly in the US. Hamid Dabashi dissects it here and asks what inanity sparked this search for an IS theology.

02 March, 2015

Analysis: Discriminatory national security legislation is being used to deny Iranian students the chance to study certain science and engineering courses at US universities.

23 February, 2015

Comment: The narrative of the Chapel Hill murders became a battle between us Internet plebians and the patricians of the ‘Western media’. The plebs won.

16 February, 2015

Comment: Muslims, disunite! It's time to start eating baguettes. The Americans, the French and that terrorism expert at the BBC are after you. The path is lit by the food you eat.

09 February, 2015