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Sarah Shaffi


Sarah Shaffi is a freelance literary journalist and editor. She writes about books for Stylist Magazine online and is books editor at Phoenix Magazine.

Book Club: Nazneen Ahmed Pathak’s debut children’s novel, City of Stolen Magic, presents the British colonisation of India with a fun twist for children to not only learn about the real history of colonisation but to also spark their imaginations.

24 May, 2023

Book Club: Literature offers children a portal into a new world, sparking imagination and inspiring creativity. In this round-up, we've selected some of our favourite books about Islam and Muslims that also double up as great Eid presents.

19 April, 2023

As a new production offers a fresh, feminist take on 1,001 Nights, writer Hannah Khalil talks about the show and how it’s offering a new view of Arab women.

15 December, 2022

The glass ceiling that has blighted Muslim actors and actresses is on its way to being shattered after the resounding triumph of Disney's Ms. Marvel. We've profiled five of our favourite binge-worthy shows that prominently feature Muslim characters.

13 July, 2022

The highly-anticipated Ms. Marvel series has been met with popular acclaim. The New Arab speaks with five women about their reaction to the series, and how the superhero is certain to become a beacon of pride for Muslim women around the world.

15 June, 2022

Muslim Marvel fans are gearing up for a massive moment in their cinematic education. Ms. Marvel, or Kamala Khan, is the first Muslim superhero to be given a solo show, with her casting surely a pivotal moment in American-Muslim representation.

08 June, 2022

As Ramadan draws to an end, Muslims around the world will begin getting ready for Eid celebrations and gifts. From food to jewellery, beauty products and more, here’s our Eid edit to help you select the perfect present for that special someone.

26 April, 2022

Tired of dressing in unattractive baggy t-shirts and joggers when you exercise? We’ve tried out made-for-purpose modest activewear to bring you this edit of the best.

17 March, 2022

In a deeply personal book, Hilary Clinton's chief of staff Huma Abedin writes about how her faith enabled her to get over her broken marriage, with a trip to pilgrimage site Makkah becoming the pivotal moment of change for the US political staffer.

09 December, 2021

Book Club: From across the literary spectrum, Sarah Shaffi picks her favourite reads for you to delve into during the month of Ramadan.

20 April, 2021