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Belal Dabour


Belal Dabour is a Palestinian doctor from Gaza. A writer and an avid reader; he writes mainly about Palestine, but reads almost anything. He blogs at

Comment: Belal Dabour takes a look at Ban Ki-Moon's official statements on Israel-Palestine over the last six months, providing a telling insight into the true nature of his "concerns".

16 June, 2016

Comment: Six years after the attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, accountability remains absent, and measures to improve the situation have only served to institutionalise the blockade, writes Belal Dabour.

06 June, 2016

Comment: If this is your land, where are your stories? asks Belal Dabour, as Palestinians across the world mark the anniversary of their uprooting by Israel almost seven decades ago.

17 May, 2016

Comment: Israel claims that boycotting settlement products harms Palestinian workers, but if it leads to long-term liberation, it's a choice Palestinians should be allowed to make, writes Belal Dabour

07 May, 2016

Comment: Travelling between Gaza and Israel means running the gauntlet of the Erez checkpoint, where many Palestinians are arrested for seemingly arbitrary reasons, writes Belal Dabour.

19 April, 2016

Comment: Under the usual pretence of security, Israel has blocked cement entry to Gaza. This reflects how Israel's arbitrary restrictions significantly affect lives of Gazans, writes Belal Dabour.

09 April, 2016

Comment: Israel's control over basic rights such as freedom of movement is holding the Palestinian people to ransom, says Belal Dabbour.

05 April, 2016

Comment: Teachers in the West Bank admirably stood up for fair pay, but abandoned their Gazan colleagues, writes Belal Dabour.

23 March, 2016

Comment: The pandering of Palestinian politicians to Israel has led to a ghost state with little to no power, says Belal Dabour.

18 May, 2015

Blog: Israeli prisons affect the lives of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, but the dreams of a nation will always triumph over despair, says Belal Dabour

23 April, 2015