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Rose Worden


Rose Worden is a researcher and writer based in New York. She holds a Masters Degree in International Affairs from The New School and is focused on development and security in the Horn of Africa and MENA.

Comment: Despite fierce public opposition, leaders in Sudan, Morocco and Tunisia know their path to the US lies through Israel, writes Rose Worden.

13 February, 2020

Comment: Instead of salving their conscience by pledging aid, arms sellers should stop peddling their wares altogether, writes Rose Worden.

28 August, 2019

The New Arab Meets: Palestinian artist Ahmed Hmeedat who grew up in Bethlehem's Dheisheh refugee camp and is now exhibiting work at the Museum of the Palestinian People in Washington.

08 February, 2019

The New Arab Meets: Bshara Nassar, the director of the Museum of the Palestinian People to learn more about his vision for a cultural institution in the US capital.

21 December, 2018

Comment: If 'war makes states' then IS and al-Shabaab's elaborate taxation system and a monopoly on violence are the tools they use, writes Rose Worden.

16 November, 2018

Comment: John Bolton's opposition to the International Criminal Court puts him in the same camp as some of the world's worst war criminals, writes Rose Worden.

12 September, 2018

Comment: Trump’s foreign policy has contributed to the emboldening of human rights abusers, writes Rose Worden.

06 April, 2018

Comment: The UAE is taking advantage of regional fragmentation throughout Yemen, Somaliland and Puntland to strike long term commercial deals, writes Rose Worden.

19 March, 2018

Comment: If the UAE is genuinely supportive of development and security in Somalia, it should enforce the charcoal ban and eliminate a crucial revenue source for al-Shabaab, writes Rose Worden.

05 March, 2018

In-depth: As the question of Yemen's economic future looms, the call to action to restore financing for emergency relief and everyday life is urgent, writes Rose Worden.

21 February, 2018