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A Yemeni journalist

A Yemeni journalist

Analysis: One month after it expired, efforts to revive Yemen's UN-sponsored truce are deadlocked, as recent escalations between the government and the Houthi movement usher in renewed fighting.

02 November, 2022

Analysis: With the Yemeni government fragmented and weak, the Houthi movement knows that it has a clear advantage in terms of military power.

17 October, 2022

In-depth: Britain occupied Aden, its only official Arab colony, for over 100 years. The Queen's death has caused many Yemenis to reexamine this colonial legacy, with the country still marked by national divides inherited from imperial rule.

19 September, 2022

Analysis: The separatist Southern Transitional Council's victory in Shabwa and military advancements in the south represent a threat to Yemen's fragile ceasefire, and could fracture the country and its people.

24 August, 2022

Analysis: The ceasefire has had a positive impact on civilian life but huge gaps remain between the warring parties to securing a permanent settlement to the conflict.

09 August, 2022

Analysis: Pushing Yemen's warring parties to work on alleviating humanitarian suffering is possible, but the challenging task is convincing them to offer sufficient political and military concessions.

13 July, 2022

States of Journalism series: Since the outbreak of the Yemeni war, journalism has become increasingly dangerous. Subject to targeted killings, sedition and extortion, journalists face a host of professional landmines in their bid to tell the truth.

12 July, 2022

Analysis: Despite the renewal of a UN-brokered ceasefire, continued hostility between Yemen’s warring parties foreshadows revived fighting as peace hangs by a thread.

16 June, 2022

Yemen marked 32 years of unification, but this was not a celebration for all. The southern separatist movement still remembers it as a bitter defeat against the north, this is a challenge for the new leadership council, writes a Yemeni journalist.

26 May, 2022

In Yemen, a country known for its love for Palestine, Shireen Abu Akleh's death has triggered a wave of furious reactions, strong condemnation and nationwide sympathy.

19 May, 2022