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Haziq Qadri


Haziq Qadri is a multimedia journalist based in India. He has previously worked with BBC India and contributed to The Caravan and Express Tribune.

Housing military structures in close proximity to schools in Kashmir has had serious implications on the mental health of students, especially females who face sexual harassment, reports Haziq Qadri.

26 December, 2018

Paid a pittance, used as spies and left vulnerable to daily death threats from Kashmir's militants, SPOs are abandoning the police, reports Haziq Qadri.

30 October, 2018

In-depth: In the graveyard of Ashtengu village in Indian-administered Kashmir, a police officer and a civilian are laid to rest side by side, writes Haziq Qadri.

09 February, 2018

A retired telecomms worker gives lessons to around 50 impoverished children by the side of the road in New Delhi, without any help from the government or NGOs.

27 November, 2017