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Al-Araby al-Jadeed/Agencies


Iraqi forces and mainly Shia militias continued their push into Tikrit Thursday, with Iraqi officials hoping that the participation of Sunni tribes will alleviate fears that the militias may carry out revenge attacks against Sunni civilians.

12 March, 2015

Iraqi forces and militia fighters have captured parts of Tikrit's Qadisiya district on Wednesday in their first advance into the city seized nine months ago by so called Islamic State group.

11 March, 2015

Karim al-Banna, a 23 Egyptian self-professed atheist, says wants to leave his native country, as he awaits an appeals court decision on whether to uphold his 3-year sentence.

09 March, 2015

US led coalition air strikes hit an oil refinery run by the Islamic State militants near the border with Turkey on Sunday, killing 30 people, as Syrian regime attacks leave at least 13 people dead in Ghouta.

09 March, 2015

Mahmoud Abdel-Nabi was found guilty of throwing people off a roof in Alexandria during clashes that followed coup against former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi in July 2013.

07 March, 2015

United Nations peace mediator Staffan de Mistura met with Syrian officials on Saturday and Sunday to discuss a freeze in the fighting in Aleppo, but rebel fighters rejected the plan, arguing it is tantamount to de facto surrender.

02 March, 2015

Syria responds angrily to a raid by Turkish troops to evacuate an historic tomb inside Syria and the soldiers guarding it saying it was an act of "aggression", as tensions between Ankara and Damascus escalate.

22 February, 2015

As Yemen crisis deepens, the country's beleaguered​ leader flees Sanaa and issues a defiant message, insisting he is still the president.

22 February, 2015

UN investigators say they are ‘prepared’ to publish secret lists of alleged war criminals in Syria to help end the 'exponential rise' in rights violations, as news emerges of the murder of ten children by regime forces.

21 February, 2015

Egypt's foreign minister has called for the international community to lift an arms embargo on Libya, as the UN Security Council prepares to meet to discuss the ongoing conflict in the country.

18 February, 2015