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Soraya Boyd


Soraya Boyd is the founder of Facilitate Global, a London based human rights NGO, a language teacher and writer whose work has been published
in several media organisations and other NGOs.

In-depth: Up to 20 percent of Gaza's population may have developed serious mental health conditions, with 360,000 people requiring mental health or psychosocial interventions, writes Soraya Boyd.

12 April, 2018

Comment: Palestinian teenagers are getting hooked on Tramadol to escape the stress disorders caused by war and occupation, and Israel makes sure there is no way out, says Soraya Boyd.

27 April, 2015

Analysis: Though the strategic gains Saudi Arabia has made during its air campaign in Yemen are unclear, the damage and the humanitarian cost has clearly been huge.

23 April, 2015

Comment: After decades of talks and setback, world powers and Iran have fleshed out a nuclear agreement - but opposition and the threat of sabotage still looms, says Soraya Boyd.

02 April, 2015