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Tara Brian

Tara Brian

Tara Brian is a freelance journalist. She previously worked as a researcher with the United Nations' migration agency
Follow her on Twitter: @trbrian11

In-depth: Eight years after the genocide by the Islamic State, Yazidi survivors remain stranded in camps with little hope of returning to their homeland. With many emigrating in search of stability, the community faces an existential threat.

29 September, 2022

In-depth: Despite more than seven years of war, Europe has remained all but inaccessible to most Yemenis. The route through Belarus presented a rare opportunity.

27 January, 2022

In-depth: An investigation into the involvement of Italian-made weapons in a deadly Saudi-led coalition airstrike raises the possibility of greater accountability for corporate actors in Yemen's war.

18 March, 2021

Seeking treatment in Egypt is nothing new, but returning home for Yemeni medical travellers has become increasingly untenable as the war stretches into its sixth year.

17 April, 2020