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Joseph Daher

Joseph Daher


Joseph Daher teaches at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, and is an affiliate professor at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy, where he participates in the "Wartime and Post-Conflict in Syria Project." He is the author of "Syria after the Uprisings, The Political Economy of State Resilience".

Western states supporting Israel as it wages catastrophic deadly attacks on Gaza are perpetuating the narrative that the oppressor has rights over the oppressed to ‘defence’. It is Palestinians who have the right to resist, argues Joseph Daher.

11 October, 2023

Currency devaluation and inflation have triggered a devastating cost of living crisis. Already struggling to make ends meet, many Syrians feel they have no choice but to leave, writes Joseph Daher.

15 August, 2023

As MENA states invest more into developing their tourism sector through lavish construction & entertainment projects that seek to bolster profit, local populations impacted by continued economic crises are increasingly shut out, writes Joseph Daher.

23 July, 2023

Taking advantage of festering divisions within Kurdistan and the weakening of the KRG government, Iraq's central government has seized its opportunity to take back control over Kurdistan's most valuable resource, writes Joseph Daher.

26 June, 2023

Lebanon’s central bank governor Riad Salameh has long been protected by the country’s political elite, but the international allegations he faces, including embezzlement, could provide an opportunity for justice & accountability, argues Joseph Daher.

31 May, 2023

Syria's return to the Arab League is part of a regional effort to consolidate authoritarianism. For Saudi Arabia, rehabilitating Damascus is part of a new foreign policy aimed at stability and economic prosperity, writes Joseph Daher.

09 May, 2023

The opposition coalition may prove victorious in taking down Erdogan's authoritarian regime. But to have a genuine democracy, entrenched Turkish nationalism and racism towards Kurds must be addressed, writes Joseph Daher.

23 March, 2023

The government's inadequate response to the earthquake speaks to decades of mismanagement, corruption, and cronyism that could threaten Erogan's career, as public outrage soars alongside the death toll, writes Joseph Daher.

13 February, 2023

The financial crises that have hit Egypt, Lebanon and Tunisia are the result of a failed neoliberal model of development, which continues to deepen the struggles of working class people while emboldening authoritarianism, writes Joseph Daher.

07 February, 2023

The newly elected extremist far-right government of Israel is the logical result of decades of unchecked occupation, colonisation, and ethno-nationalism, writes Joseph Daher, and any struggle for democracy must centre Palestinian liberation.

24 January, 2023