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Umer Beigh

Umer Beigh


Umer Beigh is an independent journalist from Kashmir. He is a graduate from Nelson Mandela centre for Peace and Conflict resolution, JMI, New Delhi.

In-depth: Muslim cricket fans in Kashmir and India have been detained and charged under sedition laws for supporting Pakistan's cricket team following the T20 World Cup victory over India.

03 November, 2021

In-depth: An artist's arrest in Kashmir for his 'We Are Palestine' mural is part of a wider campaign of repression and censorship in the region.

21 May, 2021

Analysis: The Indian government has banned a number of Saudi-linked clerics, yet the amount of foreign money funding Indian schools and universities continues to grow, writes Umer Beigh.

20 November, 2017

In-depth: We've been to New Delhi's refugee camps for Rohingya Muslims. This is what we saw.

12 September, 2017