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Karsen Breanne


Karsen Breanne is a freelance journalist and full-time mother based in London. She has a BSc in Psychology and a MSc in International Politics, and her interests include MENA Politics, Culture, Religion, and Psychosocial dynamics.

Book Club: Everyone has their own story that adds value to a community in Rania Mamnoun's novel, depicting the different everyday experiences and struggles of life in Sudan.

04 July, 2019

Egypt's youth should find a way to put aside their differences in favour of becoming a unified front in the face of oppression, writes Karsen Breanne.

15 May, 2019

Book Club: Physician and medical anthropologist, Orkideh Behrouzan, takes an investigative look into mental health in Iran – a country known to be rich in mysticism and poetic undertones.

03 April, 2019