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Paul McLoughlin


Paul is a senior news editor with The New Arab and author of Syria Insight, a regular feature on TNA. Paul graduated with a BA in Modern Middle Eastern History and worked in the Middle East as a journalist, including Oman and Jordan, for close to a decade before joining The New Arab prior to its launch in 2014.


Areas of focus: Syria, Iran and Gulf issues.


Follow him on Twitter: @PaullMcLoughli

As US influence wanes in the Middle East, Riyadh's steps towards normalisation must be considered within the wider context of prioritising regional stability and economic cooperation above rivalry and conflict.

27 April, 2023

Syrian NGOs in southern Turkey have struggled to cope with relief efforts in Idlib province, where hundreds remain trapped under rubble.

08 February, 2023

Syrians have suffered years of hardship from regime bombings and assaults. Aid and food have also been another weapon used by Russia and the regime against opposition areas, but NGOs and legal experts argue there are alternatives.

11 January, 2023

Syria has witnessed another year of extreme suffering in 2022, with the next 12 months expected to get worse for other reasons. We spell out the three key issues that will affect Syrians in 2023.

22 December, 2022

In-depth: The rivalry between Celtic and Rangers has been rooted in history and religion, yet Middle East politics have also shown to be a key symbol of both clubs' identities.

15 December, 2022

Human rights groups have decried Israel's use of punitive residency revocation for Palestinians.

02 December, 2022

A recent conflict between former Syrian rebels and a suspected Islamic State group cell has highlighted the growing instability in Daraa province. Will the destruction of this IS cell make the southern Syrian province safer?

30 November, 2022

The suspected Islamic State group cell had been accused of targeting members of the opposition in southern Syria's Daraa province.

16 November, 2022

Northeast Syria remains one of the worst-hit areas of the country by the latest cholera outbreak, which threatens thousands of lives.

26 October, 2022

Russia has killed thousands of Syrian civilians in airstrikes, following its devastating intervention in the country's war.

30 September, 2022