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Elias Jahshan


Elias is a Palestinian-Lebanese-Australian journalist and writer who is currently the Social Media, SEO and Audience Editor at The New Arab. His short memoir ‘Coming Out Palestinian’ was anthologised in Arab Australian Other: Stories on Race and Identity (ed. Randa Abdel-Fattah & Sara Saleh; Picador, 2019), and he is the Editor of This Arab Queer: An Anthology by LGBTQ+ Arab Writers (Saqi; 2022). He has been published in The Guardian, SBS Voices, My Kali and The Bookseller and is a former editor of Star Observer, Australia’s longest-running LGBTQ+ media outlet, and also a former board member of Arab Council Australia. 


Areas of focus: LGBTQ+ issues, arts and culture, social media, and Palestine.


Follow him on Twitter (and Instagram): @Elias_Jahshan

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