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Amar Diwakar


Amar Diwakar is a freelance writer and researcher. He holds an MSc in International Politics from SOAS and blogs at Splintered Eye.

Oman hopes that 'Vision 2040' can operate as the guiding document for the development of national implementation programmes, with aims to boost tourism, modernise agriculture and foster technology.

16 April, 2019

Comment: Robot Sophia presents us with a future where robots are recognised as human, while migrants continue to toil with no basic rights, writes Amar Diwakar.

13 June, 2018

Comment: The rift between Qatar and the Saudi-UAE axis brings into sharper focus the intractable issue of food insecurity in the region, writes Amar Diwakar.

22 September, 2017

Comment: Even small states can exploit opportunities that cyberwarfare offers to instigate and exacerbate political conflicts, writes Amar Diwakar.

26 June, 2017

Comment: A lack of investment and awareness around cybersecurity is leaving GCC companies more at risk than others, writes Amar Diwakar.

12 June, 2017