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The New Arab Staff

Rayan Mohammad


In-depth: Moscow appears to be in the process of coaxing some rebel factions to fight both the Nusra Front and Islamic State, in return for being spared by Russian airstrikes.

26 May, 2016

The situation is so dire in this rebel-held, regime-besieged town of the Damascus countryside, that children are protesting near regime checkpoints, begging soldiers for food and medicine.

10 May, 2016

Analysis: Syria's rounding up of young men to fight has reminded many Syrians of the dark days of Seferberlik, under the Ottoman Empire.

24 November, 2015

Southern Damascus neighbourhoods have seen an outbreak of several types of fever due to water contamination and residents are relying on hand dug wells.

29 July, 2015

Analysis: The Syrian regime is losing ground in many areas and becoming increasingly brutal and callous as it does so.

19 April, 2015

Damascus is reportedly angered by Russian "interference" in Syrian affairs, and the opposition is sceptical about Assad's commitment to finding a political solution.

21 March, 2015

New talks to be held in Moscow in April aim to bring hope to Syria.

11 March, 2015