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Reem Abd Ulhamid


Abd Ulhamid is based in Paris

The demolition of the 'Jungle Camp' in Calais and subsequent dispersion of thousands of refugees across France has not dampened their resolve to reach the UK, writes Reem Abd Ulhamid

28 October, 2016

Feature: Muslims are being vilified as the antithesis of French values and targeted by a rising wave of French racism. Popular stereotypes and government policies all contribute to the problem.

23 March, 2015

On the streets of one mixed Paris neighbourhood, residents talks of their shock at the Charlie Hebdo murders and fears for race relations for France in the future.

09 January, 2015

The BDS movement in France is gaining momentum, but with the largest Jewish and Arab populations in Europe, strong business ties and stringent anti-discrimination laws, the movement has to tread carefully.

07 January, 2015