Trump's Muslim Ban: Updates and reactions

Trump's Muslim Ban: Updates and reactions
All the latest developments as the world reacts with a mixture of concern, applause and outright defiance to Donald Trump's authoritarian use of executive power.
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02 February, 2017
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Despite his populist campaign for the presidency being built on foundations of xenophobic nationalism, with his support fuelled by white supremacist rhetoric masquerading as an "anti-establishment alt-right" movement, many have been shocked by President Donald Trump's use of executive orders to ban nationals of seven Muslim-majority nations from entry to the US.

Trump's supporters say it is not an outright ban on Muslims - but it is Muslims who are affected.

The move has been met with outrage, with many thousands of people taking to the streets in cities around the globe to protest against the ban - notably across the UK, whose prime minister, Theresa May, has also been pursuing a populist agenda in the wake of the Brexit vote and who was the first head of government to meet Trump, and to invite him on a state visit.

That said, not everybody opposes the ban, and Trump has found support from some unlikely corners.

The world is moving fast, and it can be difficult to keep up with a news cycle that runs at the pace of Trump's Twitter account. So we've gathered all of our #MuslimBan coverage into one place.

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